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The ​GLA Student Experience

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten
The Gloucester Learning Academy Individual Plan

The years between birth to three are the most important years of your child’s development. These years create the foundation for your child’s behavior, skills, and competencies that support their lifelong learning and development. It is crucial to understand each child’s individualism and to assess their development through their milestones. Gloucester Learning Academy will base your child’s plan utilizing our assessment tools, where we observe, identify, and assist your child on their path of learning.


Our Planning Structure:



We observe your child while they are involved in their normal daily routine


We build a connection with your child, and support their needs


We assess and understand your child’s development and acceleration of growth


We plan to your child’s level to ensure the support of their development


Each child attending the Gloucester Learning Academy will have an individual development plan, that will continue with them until they enter Kindergarten. Our goal is to introduce your child to a supportive educational environment that will promote a comfortable, structured, and solid path of learning.


4 Child development focus points:

Physical development

Social and emotional development

Cognitive skills

Language development



As parents you are a huge part of this plan, you set the path for your child the moment you become a parent. We encourage you and your family unit to be a part of your children’s educational journey, which starts early and at the Gloucester Learning Academy.


What You Can Expect:


Constant communication between you and our Teachers.

Assistance in understanding your child’s plan, as well as their milestones and development.

An open door, you are always welcome to join us in your child’s school day.

A report and portfolio on your child’s plan.

Resources for you and your family, including parent info sessions.

A voice… nothing is more important than a parent’s voice when it comes to their child. We want your ideas, your questions, and your engagement.

Download GLA Brochure
Infant Program


Gloucester Learning Academy's Infant program provides challenges, and goals that infants can do with a little assistance. We do not teach our infants, we guide and support them on their Individual age, and stage of development, breeding independence and confidence. We choose the right materials, and activities to use with infants, partnered with development strategies that assist infants in progressing through their stages.

Infant Framework Components:

What Infants Need

Toys of different shapes, sounds, textures, and colors

What Every Infant Needs Individually

A special goodbye routine with Dad at drop-off time

Ways To Support Every Infant's Family And Culture

Learning and saying a few comforting words in the family's home language

Toddler Program


Gloucester Learning Academy's Toddler program provides challenges, and goals that toddlers can do with a little assistance. Our Teachers guide, and teach by supporting our Toddlers through the experiences and challenges they create themselves. Every child's individuality provides lessons that they conquer at their own pace, taking them to new levels and challenges. It is important to let toddlers steer their on path with minor redirection.


Toddler Framework Components:

What Toddlers Need

Movement and activity throughout the day

What Every Toddler Needs Individually

Safety paint, coloring pencils, and Child-size safety scissors and paper to create


Ways To Support Every Child's Family And Culture

Helping to cleanup in anyway because cleanliness is important and Mom and Dad need help after work

Preschool Program


Gloucester Learning Academy's Pre-school program builds on what your child already knows and can do. Utilizing Developmentally Appropriate Practice's (DAP) these children are provided with materials and experiences that are challenging, with supportive teachers at the ready. Through teacher-guided learning, teachers plan small and large-group experiences that stretch, and challenge children's learning.


Pre-school Framework Components:

What Preschoolers Need

Materials for creating, pretending, and expressing

What Every Preschooler Needs Individually

A quiet space, for those who are sensitive for loud noises


Ways To Support Every Child's Family And Culture

Speaking their family's home language comfortably and proudly

Pre-Kindergarten/Kinder Supplement Program

Gloucester Learning Academy's Pre-kindergarten (Kindergarten supplement) program has teachers that support your child as they continue to develop physically, socially, emotionally, in language and literacy, and in thinking (cognitive) skills. Our teachers introduce your child to new practices and structure within a classroom setting, you will see the difference in your child’s classroom setting and what is expected of them. This program starts to define your child’s educational career, below are areas that you will see are focal points.


Pre-kindergarten Framework Components:

A Structured Classroom Setting

Skillset Development

Problem Solving

Early Reading, Math, Science, Technology



Interest Areas


Yoga is a noncompetitive physical activity that at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness. In our yoga program your child will become aware of self-control, learned breathing, and the ability to soothe themselves.


Our art program is a hands on creative adventure where children will learn how to put their imagination on paper. We also will support in your child’s development of drawing, writing, and creativity.


Our music program introduces children to creative sound, movement and more. Your child will become knowledgeable of various instruments and the fundamentals of music, all the while having fun.

GLA Techs

Our Tech club sets a foundation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in our Pre-K & After school students. This club allows students to chose which interest they would like to have a hands on discovery each day.


Our dance program will introduce children to many different variations of dance. Your child will learn a routine in a selected dance category. In this additional fundamentals of dance will be touched on.

Around The World Fun

Our around the world club allows students that want to discover different cultures, whiling having fun learning new facts. In this group we touch on languages such as Spanish, Italian, English, French, Sign language, multi-cultural traditions, and much more.


Our soccer program starts with teaching the basic fundamentals of soccer. This activity will also go over the rules of the game, warm up activities, and will be an inside and out activity.

GLA Community Cats

The GLA Community Cats club is based around loving, helping, and becoming a part of the local community. We will partake in community events, holidays and give back to our community as a team.

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